Flower Designs Bullion Roses design Embroidery Art – Elegant flower design Hand Embroidery Art Designs – Brazilian Cast on stitch Embroidery Art – Dress design with back & buttonhole stitches Hand Embroidery Art – Kanta work design Simple Kadai Kamal embroidery Work design Embroidery Design – Stitching Art – Herringbone(Variation) Hand Embroidery Art – Carnation flower with pebbles & Webbed stitch Embroidery Art – Beautiful flower with buttonhole stitch( variation) Hand embroidery art – Beautiful mirror design work Embroidery Art – Beautiful Straight & buttonhole stitch(variation) design Embroidery Art – Beautiful flower with blanket stitch(variation)design Embroidery Art – Raised stem band stitch design Embroidery Art – Simple Lazy daisy design Hand Embroidery Art – Beautiful blanket stitch (variation) design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Aplic work design Embroidery Art – Beautiful Shading design with long & short stitch Embroidery Art – simple Ribbon flower embroidery design Satin, Long & short stitch embroidery designs Beautiful and simple Chikankari Embroidery design Simple and easy buttonhole stitch embroidery design Hand Embroidery – Basic flower embroidery stitches Hand Embroidery – simple and colourful cretan & blanket stitch design Embroidery designs – Beautiful fish bone designs Embroidery designs – simple Kanta work designs Embroidery designs – Carnation flower designs for boarders Embroidery designs – beautiful hand embroidery designs Simple Embroidery – Kadai kamal flower designs Embroidery designs – Simple and easy spider web embroidery designs Button hole stitch(variation) hand embroidery design Hand Embroidery Art – Simple and beautiful easy spider web embroidery designs Easy and Simple Phulkari Stitch Embroidery designs Beautiful double coloured lazy daisy designs Hand Art – Beautiful satin embroidery designs Hand Embroidery Art – Simple mirror work embroidery design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy twisted, long and short stitch design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Wine and pistil stitch flower designs Embroidery Art – Chain with Satin stitch embroidery designs Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Long & short stitch design Embroidery Art – Easy straight stitch design with fly and stem stitch Hand Embroidery – Loop stitch design with Lazy daisy stitch Embroidery Art – Bead stitch variation embroidery design Embroidery Art – Pistil stitch flower embroidery design Simple and easy fabric mirror hand embroidery design Flower hand embroidery design with bead stitch art Mirror Embroidery work art with Romanian stitch

Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Long & short stitch design

In this video

Today we learn the simple & easiest hand Embroidery is Long & short stitch design.I used Herring bone stitch, Long & short stitch, Romanian stitches in this video.This video explains how to stitch these works step by step instructions in the easy way.Watch & Try it.

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