Flower Designs Bullion Roses design Embroidery Art – Elegant flower design Hand Embroidery Art Designs – Brazilian Cast on stitch Embroidery Art – Dress design with back & buttonhole stitches Hand Embroidery Art – Kanta work design Simple Kadai Kamal embroidery Work design Embroidery Design – Stitching Art – Herringbone(Variation) Hand Embroidery Art – Carnation flower with pebbles & Webbed stitch Embroidery Art – Beautiful flower with buttonhole stitch( variation) Hand embroidery art – Beautiful mirror design work Embroidery Art – Beautiful Straight & buttonhole stitch(variation) design Embroidery Art – Beautiful flower with blanket stitch(variation)design Embroidery Art – Raised stem band stitch design Embroidery Art – Simple Lazy daisy design Hand Embroidery Art – Beautiful blanket stitch (variation) design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Aplic work design Embroidery Art – Beautiful Shading design with long & short stitch Embroidery Art – simple Ribbon flower embroidery design Satin, Long & short stitch embroidery designs Beautiful and simple Chikankari Embroidery design Simple and easy buttonhole stitch embroidery design Hand Embroidery – Basic flower embroidery stitches Hand Embroidery – simple and colourful cretan & blanket stitch design Embroidery designs – Beautiful fish bone designs Embroidery designs – simple Kanta work designs Embroidery designs – Carnation flower designs for boarders Embroidery designs – beautiful hand embroidery designs Simple Embroidery – Kadai kamal flower designs Embroidery designs – Simple and easy spider web embroidery designs Button hole stitch(variation) hand embroidery design Hand Embroidery Art – Simple and beautiful easy spider web embroidery designs Easy and Simple Phulkari Stitch Embroidery designs Beautiful double coloured lazy daisy designs Hand Art – Beautiful satin embroidery designs Hand Embroidery Art – Simple mirror work embroidery design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy twisted, long and short stitch design Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Wine and pistil stitch flower designs Embroidery Art – Chain with Satin stitch embroidery designs Embroidery Art – Simple and easy Long & short stitch design Embroidery Art – Easy straight stitch design with fly and stem stitch Hand Embroidery – Loop stitch design with Lazy daisy stitch Embroidery Art – Bead stitch variation embroidery design Embroidery Art – Pistil stitch flower embroidery design Simple and easy fabric mirror hand embroidery design Flower hand embroidery design with bead stitch art

Flower Designs

This video channel contains lot of Hand Embroidery work designs & paper craft designs.Today we learn the simple & easiest hand Embroidery work is Straight Flower Design. I used straight stitch for flower,bar buttonhole stitch for leaves,stem stitch for stem.This video explains how to stitch these works are in telugu language step by step in the easy way.Watch & Try it.

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